"The Labyrinth of Time".

Time is flying - day and night

leaving many memories only to be forgotten.

We have some of these memories to look forward to,

yet only recall them when we have none to make.

Thinking, dreaming. - Rellishing thoughts of making more -

- all for what?


Building a house of experience, knowing that it won't stand forever

and still we continue on brick after brick.

Worrying if each one is set at a level,

in fear that with corruption it will wither and fall.


Dreams in competition with reality.


Always smelling the cake and denying consumption.

Weighing the good's and bad's

Constantly checking the rules without playing the game.

Laughing about circumstances that caused us pain-

Crying about moves we didn't make and the chances we didn't take.

Wallowing in a poetic despair.


Time continues on it's perrilous endless journey -

.....- Reality tossing you a glance of it's hands.


Fear of a pain that never reaches it's exaggerrated form.


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, family, friends, and loves,

all simply memories

.....- and dreams...

.............lost in the labyrinth of time.


© Mr. Doobie Enterprises


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