Skip Intro Mr. Doobie Welcomes You! Do you like cartoons? Do you ponder issues such as Abortion, Sexual Harassment, Racism, Gays in the military, Drug abuse, Violence, Religon, Homophobia, Relationships, Morals, Values, Sex, Masturbation, Legalizing pot, Marijuana, the legal system, the law, Education, born again christians, Christianity, Suicide, Censorship, Holiday Capitalism, Gun Control, Change, Christmas, Sickness, Vegetarians and Oral Sex, Smoking, Television, TV, Sports, Communication, Population Problem, Free Thinking, Animal Rights, Cops, Alien Abduction, Sexual Positions, The effects of drugs, Presidential Canidates, Photography, Circumcision vs. Smegma, Ebonics, Area 51, Cybersex on the Internet, Impotence, Dreams, Farts, the toilet seat "up or down?", Breast Implants, the Space Program, NASA, Heros, Rock and Roll Fantasy, 420 day, Administrators, Takers and Givers, Bad Drivers, Foul Language, Babies, Commitments, Medicine, Politics and Suppression, Nudity, Perfection, Hormones, Mandatory Gym in School... if so, you've come to the right place. Mr. Doobie is the little black and white cartoon that talks about the grey areas in life in a colorful way!

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