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Here are some Special Thanks to all the people in my life
who have help or inspired me in one way or another.
Some names have been lost in passing,too many for me to remember.
So, for those of you who are not listed
that recall sharing a precious moment of your life with me,...
...I thank you.

(Last names excluded.)

Don, Maggie, and Lisa (my "home" team)
Gordon, Louise, Ellis, and Celeste (the bearers of wisdom)
Frank, Carol, Andy, Vince, Christy, Tony, James, Eddie, Christopher, Tracy, Stephanie, Jason, Jim, Bob, Debbie, Greg, and Jeff, Mark, Riley, Casey, Ben, Alejandro P., Marta S., Independence High (Teachers and Classes of 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, and 91), Orme Family and Friends, Danny D., Stephen C., Lisa C., Debora H., Lisa H., Tony F., Allissa, Cerrinna, Holly, Carmella, Cheryl, Robert J., Kyle, Sherry, Stephen W., Shannon D., Scott S., Scott R., Scott D., Phil, Lola, Kelly L., Stacey G., Olivia, Richard G., Nick, Erica, Chuck H., Eric, Ross W., Dan R., Peter O., Gidget's family, Duane S., Don L., Megan C., Jami H., J.R., Heather M., Jerry G., Paul M, John L., George H., Ringo S., James T., Thelma H., Kira H., Tracie H., Keith H., Chase H., Mady H., Wyatt H.,....


Special thanks go to all of the dedicated viewers who have been so supportive
through the growth and changes that have taken place at

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