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Sticky Bubble Hunt
In the very near future, you are commissioned as the "High Commander" of the 'S.S. Doobers'. Your futuristic space craft is hurling through the cosmos on it's peaceful mission of exploration. Around you are LARGE THREATENING BLUE WATER BUBBLES and small sticky green smoke bubbles. Get control of your ship with the arrow keys. Dock with the sticky green bubbles and your space craft will automatically harvest it's precious cargo. With each successful capture, your "BUZZ" meter will rise. Toke up all the sticky bubbles to transport to the 3 bonus levels where you can test your knowledge of "Mr. Doobie". Pop only a few blue water bubbles to balance your "THIRST" meter and keep the dreadful cotton mouth at bay but BE CAREFUL!!! Docking with too many water bubbles can leave you bloated and destroy your BUZZ. Perfect score is "420". Happy hunting. (similar to the arcade game "Asteroids")

Got a Match?
Light up a matched set of 2 or more of these images and then click to remove them from the screen. The LARGER the match, the HOTTER your score. Clean the screen if you think you're mean. Come on baby light my fire.

Memory Meter
Test your short-term memory... and uh.... I forget what else... (similar the the hand-held game "Simon")


Please allow time for the game to download.
If your browser shows a broken puzzle piece or just won't play,
...check to see if you have the latest version of
SHOCKWAVE FLASH PLUGIN installed into your browser.
If not, download it for free

Please allow time for the game to download.
If java windows open up over your browser,
...check to see if you have version 4 or newer of
If not, download it for free

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