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Wild Fans
Over time, people have sent letters expressing their appreciation for Mr. Doobie. Some of them claiming to partake, and others living lives herb-free. Every letter of inspiration has filled my heart with love and I thank EVERYONE who has written to me, saying something kind... they ALL have lifted me up... matter how low or how high I was.

Sometimes individuals carry their appreciation further. Taking more time from their precious lives to inspire me and oftentimes, make me laugh. Sometimes the letters even come from people whom you might not expect... a conservative grandmother, a firefighter, a police officer, a protective mother, a school teacher, a republican,... but they all share the love in their hearts with me... and sometimes even send me a photo. To those who have taken the time to see beyond the "doobie", to love within the intent; to those appreciators and every bearer of kindness... I dedicate this to you. I will always be your greatest fan.


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Are you a wild fan?

If so, let me know.

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