"Boding Shadows".

He saw her...

.....it was as though they had never been apart.

Of her-- he knew nothing!

Oh him she knew less;

Exactly the way it was meant to be.

Suddenly the border was breached;

her eyes met his.

He perceived her view was not as his.

He could see thoughts through her eyes.

a smile to hide the visage of his fear.

The tenseness grew and consumed like a cancer

.....leaving naught to break the silence.

Each still looked upon the other.

She smiled a response to fear,

.....Imbedding a knife of her own...

She ached.

He pained to know the words upon her tongue.

Every heartache of her past surged to thought;

.....she knew his feelings could not compare

..........to hers.

..........He cursed;

.....chastened by her perfect beauty,

deeming this an anguish of tomorrow's memory.

Still they smiled,

.....grasping the dream

they denied.


© Mr. Doobie Enterprises


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