I thought there might be a chance

for us.

Now I know I live a lie

and pain is my romance.

I did not wish to breath a word

to you.

Just live my life and let you

fly like a bird.

I remembered the togetherness we shared

and now,

I forgot how I neglected you

when you cared.

Perhaps this stone should have been left unturned,

and love

I should have left in my heart

within all it's passion burned.

Now that I see you haven't changed,

I'm afraid to continue on.

I know that your life will be rearranged

and the pain will not be gone.

.....Why is it so

..........you get one shot

...............with love, this painful game?

Even if I got another chance,

you'ld fear I'd hurt you just the same.

And so with my life, I continue on living

a lie.

.....and I let you go

..........to live like a bird and fly.

Below you will be the past and me,

you'll see.

I give you the world and wish you the best

and I set you free.


© Mr. Doobie Enterprises


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